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Minimum Age:
we do not accept students under the age of 18 years.

Group Size:
maximum 10 students, minimum 5, average 6-7 students per class.

each lesson lasts 45 minutes.

the total amount is to be paid to the school (after receipt of written confirmation) one month before the start of the course. The
relevant invoice is issued upon receipt of confirmation of payment. Enrolment will be considered valid only when payment is
received not later than one week before the start of the course.

All course fees must be paid in advance. A minimum of 14 working days’ notice in writing (fax, e-mail or letter) is required for
changes to course schedule, postponement or cancellation of booking.

If a course is cancelled with less than 14 working days’ notice, there will be a charge equivalent to one week of the course
booked. The registration fee and the courier fee are non refundable.

If you wish to suspend your Standard and Intensive course, we require one week’s notice in writing. Evening classes cannot be

Individual lessons must be cancelled with at least 48 hours notice. 20% max of course can be cancelled.

If accommodation is cancelled with less than 14 working days’ notice, a cancellation charge equivalent to one week’s
accommodation fee is charged.

The school reserves the right to cancel any group course or to offer a reduced timetable if the minimum number of 5 students is
not reached.

No refunds can be made after a course has started

Public holidays:
The school will be closed on the following dates: Please check here: Daten & Preise
Please note that no lessons take place on public holidays. There is no reduction in fees when a course includes a public holiday
and classes are not compensated for.

Citizens of the EU do not require a visa to enter Italy. Citizens of other countries may need a visa and should contact their local
Italian Embassy or Consulate for further information. The school can provide a certificate of registration after receiving
confirmation of payment for the whole course. If the visa is not issued, the school will refund all but the registration fee, the courier
fee and € 80.00 of the moneys paid, provided that the original letter explaining the reasons for refusal of the visa is sent to IH.

IH Milan may use photographs of students for promotional and advertising purposes.

The school is not liable for the loss of property on the premises or in the accommodation.

if there was any issues that you think the school could have handled better, visit www.ihworld.com and fill in the complaint form.

Our school complies with the provisions of Italian law 81/08 concerning safety. Please use the school’s equipment and premises
with due care and attention to ensure both your safety and that of others.

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Weitere Informationen auf Deutsch bei sprachkurse-weltweit.de : +49 (0)9473 951 550


Ih Mailand

Ih Mailand

Ih Mailand

Ih Mailand

Ih Mailand